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Take the Initiative in Improving Health and Wellness…

Healthcare costs are rising, especially for treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders. Part of the burden falls on employers as medical bills and productivity losses due to illness escalate to record levels. Proactive health strategies are needed to improve employees’ wellbeing and quality of life.

Our Wellness Inspired Workshops provide corporations and community groups with the tools needed to decrease healthcare costs, increase productivity and lead the way in this new age of health and wellness. Our energizing presentations take an integrative approach by addressing internal barriers, external motivations and environmental factors. We combine coaching techniques with multidisciplinary experience to engage audiences, empower them to take action and encourage self-accountability.

Become a leader in the health and wellness revolution.

Core Health Topics

We address six critical areas of health in all of our signature workshops:

Weight and Health Risk Prevention

• Reduce healthcare costs
• Improve quality of life
• Address weight, heart, adrenal, digestive and other essential health issues

Stress Relief

• Identify sources of stress
• Develop coping strategies
• Experience physical release and mental refocusing techniques

Career and Life Empowerment

• Recognize your unique abilities and potential
• Achieve goals and overcome obstacles
• Become a self-motivated leader

Communication and Team Building

• Learn effective communication and conflict resolution techniques
• Improve teamwork and productivity
• Strengthen networking skills

Energy Enhancement

• Maximize productivity
• Learn effective nutrition and physical activity strategies
• Achieve life balance and manage your busy schedule

Life Transitions and Retirement

• Enjoy life at any age
• Plan for long-term financial, physical and mental health
• Manage life transitions and change

Workshop Formats

Lunchtime Leadership Series

One-hour workshops on a specific health topic. Available as a single session or series.

Workshop Intensives

Three-hour workshop providing demonstrations and skills practice sessions on a specific health topic.

Wellness Days

Full day workshop including relaxation sessions and healthy meal demonstrations. Sessions
may include meditation, yoga, massage, fitness and other relaxation therapies.