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Therapeutic Counseling

Are you ready to create healthy connections?

Total Health Concepts is here to help. We integrate therapeutic counseling for individuals, couples, and families; coaching and skill building; group support; and expressive therapies to provide a comprehensive approach to family and relationship issues.

Through our programs, we address the physical, emotional and functional aspects of healthy connection and intimacy. Clients learn to safely express their emotions, develop healthy boundaries, practice effective communication skills and reconnect with others in positive ways.

We are available to answer your questions and discuss what the best options would be for you.
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Our Programs

Family Therapy and Support

Find support during family crisis and relief from pain, anger, anxiety and stress.

• Learn to express feelings and needs
• Evaluate family dynamics and roles
• Learn healthy coping skills
• Enhance Parent Child Connection

Child Behavioral Counseling

Behaviors addressed include tantrums, anger management, self-harming and disordered eating.

• Address negative behavior issues in children of all ages
• Heal children’s physical and emotional needs
• Provide parents with ongoing support

Couples Relationship Enhancement

Reconnect and rediscover the enjoyment of building a life together.

• Enhance open, honest communication
• Heal old wounds and anger as well as learn conflict resolution
• Learn new boundaries and self-care
• Build physical and emotional intimacy

Individual Therapeutic Counseling

• Address the underlying core issues
• Express feelings, needs and values
• Establish healthy boundaries
• Improve your relationship with yourself and others

*Joint sessions are available for child/adolescent, couple, and family counseling.

We are available to answer your questions and discuss what the best options would be for you.