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Fitness & Movement

Do you know what your body needs to age well and prevent disease?
Do you know what foods to eat to enhance energy, mood and performance?
Are you confused how to eat in a balanced way?

We help our clients positively reconnect with their bodies through movement and activities that they enjoy. Our team assesses clients’ physical needs and we develop a balanced fitness program to enhance their quality of life. We help clients of all ages and fitness levels to overcome barriers to exercise and become self-motivated.

Programs for personal training, sports conditioning or joy of movement may include:

• Yoga therapy and mindful movement
• Functional fitness
• Balance/posture
• Stretching/Flexibility
• Injury prevention/recovery
• Sitting disease prevention exercises
• Back and body care through soft tissue activation release (fascial release treatment)
• Functional fitness exercises for pain relief and daily exercises

Trainer and Girl on Ball

We offer personalized programs for individuals, partners and groups on-site, in our clients’ homes and at corporate locations. Our programs include realistic strategies and creative programs for home, work and travel. We value the benefit of activity on mental and physical well-being. We enhance your programs with stress reductions techniques including yoga, deep breathing and visualization to promote relaxation regardless of whether you’re in your personal or professional environment.